The Bespoke Collection

In a time of mass-produced jewelry and fleeting fashion trends,
we're all about longevity, timelessness, and heart.
We bet you have some awesome heirloom pieces sitting in your jewelry box...untouched for years simply because you just don't know what to do with them. Of course, you'd never get rid of them or give them away...they mean too much and have lots of sentimental value. 

Maybe they once belonged to a special person in your life.  

We've got the perfect answer and the perfect gift. 
Introducing the "Eleanor Stone NYC Bespoke Collection".  
We'll take your beautiful heirlooms and reimagine them on our handmade leather wrap around cuffs.  
You'll WANT to wear your special piece of heritage all the time, and now you'll be carrying their love and sentiment with you...always.
Drop us a note with a photo of the pieces you'd like for us to reimagine and we'll start there.Make sure to include pics of both the front and back and let us know their dimensions.  We suggest photographing your pieces next to a quarter. This helps us to see relative size.  Whether the finished cuff is for you or someone you love, we promise you'll be thrilled with your cool, newly created piece of history.

Email us at with your photos.