• The Soul Collection: Peace


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    Vintage silver 1970's "Peace"

    Limited edition, 6/11 

    Available on two inch adjustable Italian leather strap

    Strap colors: black, brown, navy, greige or ivory

    We really think that one great piece makes every outfit cooler. Throw on one of our cuffs, and your whole look will be better. A simple black dress. Check. A boho outfit. Check. Jeans and a t shirt. Check Check. It goes with everything! Simple. Easy. ...and way cool. 

    “The Soul Collection” is a collaboration with cool-girl fashionista Esther Houston…a classic woman with a modern approach. It’s a limited edition curated collection of our favorite inspirational and soulful pieces. “These pieces symbolize my appreciation for classic beauty and my passion to create an environment of love, harmony and unity” says Esther.  “Each piece is "Intentionally Unique".